Birmingham Landlord CP12 Gas Safety Certificates

A gas safety check ensures your home is safe to rent or sell. We cover Birmingham and the West Midlands area within a 30-mile radius. 

It is law that all property landlords who rent property are required to have all gas appliances and pipe work checked by a Corgi gas engineer who will provide them with a CP 12 Gas Safety Certificate which is needed every 12 months.

The CP 12 certificate is a legal requirement and should be a high priority for all landlords and tenants and only competent CORGI registered plumbers can carry out the inspection.

we will issue a gas safety certificate after we have completed a gas safety check on your home. 

We will check the appliances in your home to ensure they are properly adjusted so the gas burns correctly, its location is suitable, its physically stable, securely fitted and properly connected to the gas pipework. We will also check that there is adequate and a permanent air supply that’s suitable for the appliance installed, and that flues and chimneys and air vents are operating correctly.

When Boiler Safe carry out a Landlord Gas Safety Inspection we do the following during the CP 12 Gas Safety Inspection :

  • We will check all appliances for gas tightness, checking for leaks or any pressure loss.
  • Check standing and working pressure if test points available.
  • Test  the  burner pressure and gas rate against manufacturers data sheet.
  • Test for satisfactory provision of necessary ventilation.
  • Test flue flow to ensure removal of products of combustion.
  • Test satisfactory operation of all the flame failure devices.
  • Test for physical stability, presence.

Investigate any evidence of unsafe operation and report to a responsible person. An appliance can not be deemed as having been checked, until the above has been completed.

For a Landlords Safety Record inspection a tightness check of the full system should be added to the above.

Landlords who anticipate difficulties in gaining access to a property have the flexibility to carry out annual gas safety checks two months before the deadline date. Landlords can have the annual gas safety checks at their properties carried out any time from 10-12 calendar months after the original deadline date as if the check had been carried out exactly 12 months after the previous check. Landlords are encouraged to arrange their annual gas safety checks as early as possible as a contingency.