Best Combi Boiler Brands 2023

Choosing the right combi boiler is essential for ensuring efficient heating and uninterrupted hot water supply in your home. The selection is not only about brand reputation but also about choosing the correct size to cater to your home’s requirements.

Why Choose a Combi Boiler?

A combi (or combination) boiler is a popular choice in many homes because it provides both central heating and instant hot water, eliminating the need for a separate hot water tank. This dual functionality makes them space-efficient and often more economical in the long run. It’s essential to select a trusted brand to ensure consistent performance, especially during the chilly winter months.

Leading Combi Boiler Brands:

Baxi Boilers

  • Origin: UK
  • Notable Series: Assure, Duo-tec, Megaflow, and Platinum
  • Price Range: From approximately £550 to £1,000 for a 30kW medium-sized boiler.
  • Features: Known for versatility, offering a variety of sizes to accommodate different home types.

Baxi Boilers, a stalwart in the UK heating industry, has carved a niche for itself with its innovative and efficient range of combi boilers. With a legacy that’s deeply rooted in delivering top-quality heating solutions, Baxi offers an array of products tailored to various home sizes. From their well-known Assure to the dynamic Duo-tec series, Baxi has consistently showcased its commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.


  • Origin: UK
  • Notable Series: Energy, Essential, Betacom, Easicom, and Ultimate
  • Price Range: Starting at £560, with mid-range models between £700 – £990.

Steeped in a rich history of engineering excellence, Glow-worm stands out with its user-friendly and robust combi boilers. Being an iconic British brand, Glow-worm is recognized for its emphasis on energy efficiency and reliability. Whether it’s the Energy series or the versatile Easicom, Glow-worm combines affordability with cutting-edge technology, making it a favorite choice among many homeowners.

Ideal Boilers

  • Origin: UK (Previously known as National Radiator Company)
  • Notable Series: Exclusive, Instinct, Esprit Eco, and Logic+
  • Price Range: Medium-sized 30kW boilers range from £590 to £1,270.

Celebrating a century in the heating business, Ideal Boilers, formerly known as the National Radiator Company, brings to the table a blend of tradition and innovation. Based in Hull, Ideal has diversified its offerings over the decades, presenting a range of combi boilers that cater to both contemporary and classic homes. From the sleek Instinct series to the eco-friendly Esprit Eco, Ideal has been at the forefront of heating solutions in the UK.

Potterton Boilers

  • Origin: UK, under the BDR Therma Group and closely related to Baxi
  • Notable Series: Assure (now under Baxi) and Titanium Combi
  • Price Range: The Titanium Combi 28kW is approximately £800.

A subsidiary of the BDR Therma Group and closely affiliated with Baxi, Potterton Boilers is a name synonymous with durability and precision. While some of its ranges have now amalgamated under the Baxi banner, Potterton continues to maintain its distinct brand identity. Best exemplified by the Titanium Combi, Potterton’s boilers are designed for longevity, ensuring households stay warm for years.

Vaillant Boilers

  • Origin: Germany
  • Notable Series: ecoFIT and ecoTEC
  • Price Range: Medium-sized 30kW boilers between £1,160 – £1,410.

Hailing from Germany, Vaillant Boilers merges European craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. With a global presence and a reputation for high performance, Vaillant’s combi boilers, especially the ecoFIT and ecoTEC series, are designed with modern homes in mind. Their commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency has made them a go-to choice for eco-conscious homeowners.

Viessmann Boilers

  • Origin: Germany
  • Notable Series: Vitodens (updated in 2021)
  • Price Range: Medium-sized 30kW boilers from £780 – £1,280.

Another gem from Germany, Viessmann Boilers is making significant inroads in the UK’s heating landscape. Known for their precision engineering and cutting-edge designs, Viessmann’s Vitodens line, updated recently in 2021, encapsulates the brand’s vision for a sustainable and efficient future. Their boilers not only promise optimal performance but also aim to reduce the carbon footprint of households.

Worcester Bosch

  • Origin: UK
  • Notable Series: Greenstar
  • Price Range: Starts at £800, with high-end models reaching £2,500.

A household name in the UK, Worcester Bosch has established itself as one of the premier manufacturers of combi boilers. Their Greenstar series is a testament to their dedication to quality, efficiency, and customer-centricity. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Worcester Bosch continues to set industry benchmarks, ensuring that homes across the UK remain warm and cozy.

Selecting the Perfect Combi Boiler for Your Home:

Reliability: A dependable combi boiler minimizes disruptions, and frequent breakdowns can lead to expensive repairs. According to a 2021 Which? survey, boiler repairs average around £200.

Correct Sizing: Ensuring the boiler is adequately sized is paramount. Oversized boilers can inflate your energy bills, while undersized ones may not supply sufficient hot water. An excellent initial gauge is counting the radiators in your home.

Brand Reputation: Trusted brands with positive customer reviews and endorsements from industry professionals like the Which? Trusted Trader Heating Engineers can offer peace of mind.