Landlord CP12 Gas Safety Certificates for Gas Appliances

The UK has strict regulations in place to ensure the safety of tenants in rented properties. One of these regulations is the requirement for landlords to obtain a CP12 Gas Safety Certificate for any gas appliances in the property.

A CP12 certificate, also known as a Landlord Gas Safety Record, is a document that certifies that all gas appliances and flues in a rented property have been inspected and tested by a Gas Safe registered engineer. The certificate contains important information about the inspection, including the date of the check, the engineer’s details, and any defects found and rectified.

Landlords are required by law to have a CP12 certificate for each gas appliance in the property, including boilers, cookers, and fireplaces. They are also responsible for ensuring that all gas appliances are safe to use and that any defects are repaired before the tenant moves in. In addition, landlords must also provide their tenants with a copy of the CP12 certificate and must keep a copy of the certificate themselves.

It is important to note that landlords are responsible for arranging the gas safety check and obtaining the CP12 certificate. They cannot pass on this responsibility to the tenant or the managing agent. Failure to obtain a CP12 certificate can result in fines and even criminal prosecution in some cases.

The gas safety check must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer. The Gas Safe Register is the official list of gas engineers who are qualified to work safely and legally on gas appliances. Landlords can check an engineer’s registration by searching the Gas Safe Register website or by asking to see their Gas Safe ID card.

During the gas safety check, the engineer will check the following:

  • The appliance is securely fitted
  • The appliance is stable and will not tip over
  • The appliance is properly vented to allow the safe escape of fumes
  • The appliance is correctly connected to the gas supply
  • The appliance is working properly
  • The appliance is not leaking gas

If the engineer finds any defects, they will make a note of them on the CP12 certificate and will advise the landlord to have them repaired as soon as possible.

It is also important to note that landlords are required to have a gas safety check carried out annually. This means that a new CP12 certificate must be obtained each year, regardless of whether or not any defects were found during the previous check.

In conclusion, obtaining a CP12 Gas Safety Certificate is an important legal requirement for landlords in the UK. It ensures that gas appliances in rented properties are safe to use and that any defects are identified and repaired. Landlords who fail to obtain a CP12 certificate can face fines and even criminal prosecution. It is important to ensure that the gas safety check is carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer and that a new certificate is obtained annually.

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